Saturday, March 31, 2012

I want that one!

To take a break from planting thousands of berry bushes on our farm, my husband Jay and I and the kids decided it would be fun to take a hiatus down to the horse farm that is only a couple of miles away.
This is not just any horse farm...this is a horse farm that extends more than 350 acres and breeds blood stock Arabians. Their farm name is Shaman Arabians and they have produced 7 National Champions, four of which in the last four years! Every Sunday we pass them on our way to church and it has always been eye candy for me to see all their beautiful horses...I drool...much.
The owners name is June and she is gracious and down to earth, we liked her and had a great time riding in her four wheeler as she took us around the farm. Alden my oldest who is six, and Michael who is three had a blast, and Alden found out he has a way with horses like his horse whisperer Dad.
June told me to pick out what I wanted since we are looking for a couple of good Arabians to start our own breeding program. It turned out that Jay and I have good taste, we kept picking her best Arabians with the finest blood lines...that was cool except that ones that I wanted were oh...$40,000 for a foal, and over $100,000-$500,000 for one of the mares that I liked. You can clearly see that they are worth every penny and will be champions in their own right, but this was a little out of our price put it mildly.
However we picked two that are in our price range which are gorgeous, well pedigreed, have great conformation, health, and best of all have super willing personalities, which is a must when training a young horse.
Also while there I got to take pictures of June's incredible stallions Pryme Thyme, Chances Are, and my favorite...Exeter. All the horses need is a unicorn horn and you have the perfect fairytale picture. I have never seen such beautiful animals...June should be proud of all her hard work building such an amazing herd.

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  1. The two you picked out that are in your price range, have you purchased them yet? Horses are such beautiful animals! Sounds like a very fun day. :D PLUS, I love your pictures...amazing shots of the horses and of your cute family.